Mimo Empire’ is a representation of us, two shopaholics of African descent who believe that wherever we go, we proudly carry Christ within us, just like our sense of style and culture! The name ‘Mimo’ originates from the Yoruba language meaning ‘holy’ or ‘pure’ and the unique names of all our pieces are inspired by Biblical Hebrew names.

Our mission is to adorn you with the latest styles and trends, whilst promoting inclusivity and diversity, because to us it’s more than just fashion, it’s a lifestyle! Our bespoke packaging makes our products the perfect gift or decorative piece, in order to provide luxury, quality, and long-lasting products to our fellow fashion addicts, without having to break the bank.

Boujee, high maintenance, materialistic, whatever name they give us, they can never dispute the facts… We’re always looking TOP TIER. We are for the girl who likes to wear her Sunday best on a Thursday, for the girl who never has enough bags, clothes and shoes, and for the girl who is most likely show up late but at least her makeup looks nice.

What can we say? Nobody does is quite like us!